Ends on July 7, 2017

$30.00 USD

  1. By submitting your project in the Independent category, you are automatically in the running for both the Jury Award and the People’s Choice Award.

  2. By submitting your project to the FoST Prize, you are confirming that your project can be exhibited at both the FoST Summit (October 4–5) and FoST Festival (October 6–9).

  3. Corporate submissions (work funded/sponsored by a corporation) will not be reviewed in this category. Your submission will be refunded. Please see our Corporate category and submit your projects there.

  4. Work submitted must have been made between October 2016 and the present.

  5. If you are to win either the Jury Award or People’s Choice Award in the Independent category, money received must go to the artist(s)/company/organization that created the project.

  6. There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit. Please submit each project as an individual submission and you will be charged accordingly.

  7. To be reviewed, your project must include a build, link, or walkthrough of the project.

  8. Past submitters are encouraged to submit their recent work.
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